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<< My thesis is at this point tenuous and "fresh," but I am wondering how
 much validity there might be to the view that ONOMA cannot be
 separated from the PROSOPON who possesses the said capacity. In this
 case, can we REALLY separate the title of SWTHR from IESOUS XRISTOS?
 Can we separate the capacity (SWTHR) from the Person (IESOUS XRISTOS).
 The verses in Acts suggest that we cannot. What think ye?
 E. Foster >>

Dear Edgar:

You make an interesting observation. SWTHR is used in one of two ways in our
subject texts: 1) It is either used together with IC, as part of a compound
proper name, or IC is in apposition to SWTHR. In either case, SWTHR would not
need an article to separate it from the preceding, for the proper name "Jesus
Christ" restricts the application of SWTHR to IC. The basic GS construction
simply consists of article-noun-KAI-noun, and does not have a proper name used
together with the noun in the first or second position.

When I get home, I will add a bit more to this subject, particularly in light
of some recent posts.

Greg Stafford
University of Wisconsin

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