Sharp's Rule and Quasi-Proper Names

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<< Dear Mark
         On this topic ATR says (p785) "A most important passage is
         2Pet1:1" (although he doesn't say why it is important...)
         Can you quote the gk references produced in Stafford's book
         as evidence for excluding "quasi-proper names" from the GS
         rule? Presumably there are some from contemporary sources?
         Steven >>

You've posed two questions here. I do not have the time to type in large
amounts of text from the book "Jehovah's Witnesses Defended" to answer your
fine questions. He has 28 pages on the GS rule and six paragraphs on 2 Peter
1:1 with copious footnotes and references. I am looking at his discussion on
2Pet 1:1 and do not see anywhere I can quote him out of the context because he
has already dealt with the issue of quasi-proper names in the preceeding
subheadings. I appreciate his non-opinionated approach. Robertson takes
objection to a leading grammarian before him, Winer, so it is necessary to
cite Winer before leading into Robertson's objection and then Stafford's
discussion. Perhaps it is better for me to notify Greg Stafford and let him
comment since, after all, it is his book. I will copy his AOL address in the

Greg Stafford, quasi-proper names and Wallace/ A.T.Robertson?

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