From: Steven Cox (
Date: Mon Apr 20 1998 - 11:13:36 EDT

        Dear Ward
        That was a very humorous and strategic snip of my posting :-)
        (illuminating too - I had better examine myself!)

At 14:59 20/04/98 +1000, Ward Powers wrote:
>If there is this implication, may I enquire for the evidence for this?

        None, I admit that Matt 26:29 does not indicate the form
        of the fruit of the vine: wine, grape juice, or grape

        I'll also admit there is NOTHING in the Greek that says
        teetotalism is wrong. I never would even suggest there was.

        1Tim5:23 confuses me because fruit juice is the last thing one
        should drink in case of *tropical* stomach upsets, but whether
        that was also the case in the mediterranean in the 1st Century
        I don't know. ITim4:4 would certainly include grape juice.

        And finally I admit that there is no indication whatsoever that
        they all smoked cigars after the last supper...

        Warmest regards

        ...but it doesn't say they didn't either :-)

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