Date: Mon Apr 20 1998 - 01:40:40 EDT

Ward Powers wrote:

> But, in my humble opinion, we are not justified in concluding that every
> use of TIYROS or YAYIN in the Hebrew, OINOS in the Greek, or "wine" in an
> English version, refers always and only to an alcoholic beverage.

Hi Ward ~

In addition to the color issue with at least red or rose wine, of
course, is the symbolism issue of Christ as the 'True Vine', and the
"wine', as being a product of the fruit of that vine, first
unfermented as grape juice, then fermented...

I do not pretend to understand how this all works ~ I just keep it
simmering on my back burners, which in the Book of John, are very
crowded places indeed!! This thread has produced much fruit for


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