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Fellow b-greekers:

At 12:26 98/04/19 +0800, Steven Cox wrote:

> I'd like to thank Edward for his well matured OINOS mail.
> As a winebibber looking for some justification I've
> archived it for future use and sharing. (Now Edward
> can you provide me with scriptural justification
> for cigars? ;-))


> For this reason I would think it legitimate in all 31
> uses (except perhaps the last Rev 19:15) to render by
> local cultural equivalents, such as rice-wine in regions
> where grapes are is unknown. Though the blood symbolism
> in wine is a problem - for example the Korean NT (1890)
> has Christ breaking ddok (pounded white rice paste) and
> sharing wine (the Koreans drank 10% proof rice-wine but
> the whiteness seems to have been a problem for the
> Presbyterian translators)

Do I perceive in this comment an implication that Christ used wine at the
Last Supper (and therefore, by further implication, so should we when
observing the Holy Communion)?

There is, I believe, a similar implication in the post to the list be
George Dalmatia. George raises the question of the symbolism of red wine
for blood.

If there is this implication, may I enquire for the evidence for this?



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