Re: Jn 21:15-17

From: Steven Cox (
Date: Sun Apr 19 1998 - 01:33:52 EDT

        Valid point, and again I'd agree, but the issue is not
        about lexical antonymy, but rather the dynamic in the
        dialogue and the intent of the Author. Jack Kilmon just
        pointed out (off list) that Jerome's use of diligis for
        FILEW here is unique to the NT. That illustrates, to me
        at least, that internal dynamics between these 3 couplets
        (actually 3 triplets) were recognised by one early and
        competent translator as an important part of the intent.
        Yet, and this is where your point is proven, Jerome didn't
        bother elsewhere in John [acknowledgements to Jack again].

At 15:07 98/04/19 +1000, McKay family wrote:
>So far, in the latest [but probably not last] discussion on this passage, I
>have not seen any citations of the way the 2 words for love are used in the
>rest of John's writings, and in the rest of Scripture. When I did a study on
>their use, I found that AGAPAW and FILEW are often used interchangeably in
>the Bible. The big distinctions people make between them are simply not
>sustainable. This is why many Bible translations choose to translate them
>both as simply "love."

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