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From: Williams, Wes (
Date: Tue Apr 21 1998 - 12:57:12 EDT

> I appreciate the reference material being suggested on this list.
> Maybe someone could point me to a complete parsing (list, guide,
> computer program, etc.) for the N.T. Being a beginner in Greek, I
> still have a lot of trouble with so many irregularities. Any
> suggestions? Thanks. --Randy
        Dear Randy,

        There are several possible answers to this question depending on
your goal. If your goal is to be able to _read_ the text, Timothy
Friberg publishes the Analyzed Greek New Testament (do not get the first
version) for every word in the GNT along with the text itself. There are
other parsing guides but since my goal was to read, I wanted the entire
text so this suited me well. From there, I went to Wesley Perschbacher's
"Refresh Your Greek." Perschbacher gives you the the entire text for
reading, and presents footnotes for the parsing and function of words
that occur less frequently as they occur in the text (25 times or less).
The reason he did this, as explained in his Preface, was because he said
that about half of the verbs in the NT (was it 52%?) do not follow the
regular conjugations. I found this immensely helpful for reading. From
there I went to reading the text directly.

        Wes Williams

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