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From: Nichael Cramer (
Date: Tue Apr 21 1998 - 13:18:06 EDT

Williams, Wes wrote:

> > I appreciate the reference material being suggested on this list.
> > Maybe someone could point me to a complete parsing (list, guide,
> > computer program, etc.) for the N.T. Being a beginner in Greek, I
> > still have a lot of trouble with so many irregularities. Any
> > suggestions? Thanks. --Randy
> >
> Dear Randy,

In addition to suggestions by Wes and others, you might like to look at
one of the "Analytical" Lexicons (e.g. the one by William Mounce).

In an Analytical Lexicon words are listed as their inflected forms. So
--to pick a simple example-- one could look up hUMEIS and be pointed back
to the root SU.

Now, as many folks pointed out, the use of such tools --especially by a
beginner-- pose a real danger of becoming a crutch. However, that said, an
AL is _very_ handy for parsing out irregular forms, particularly for
someone who is working without a teacher.


Nichael Cramer

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