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From: Cooper Greg (
Date: Wed Apr 22 1998 - 14:08:36 EDT

Come again......................???????

Asking whether the Greek gives any indication whether the actual
"voice" of Jesus is being referred to or whether it is synonymous with
the "voice" of His apostles and/or the Holy Spirit is.....OUTSIDE.....
B-Greek guidelines????????????????????

Your response seems to be that the "other sheep" referred to is SO
that NT Greek is not a relevant source of inquiry to ascertain who/what
they, in fact, are!!!!!!!!!!

Are we serious here???????? Conrad has not even had the courtesy
to inquire of me the point of the questions!!!!!!!! And I haven't even
any PERSONAL thoughts or considerations that I have so as to stay away
from theological questions.

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>This thread was initiated and has continued outside B-Greek guidelines: it
>never did have anything to do with the Greek text of the NT, nor do the
>questions being considered under this heading have anything to do with the
>Greek text. There are other lists for this sort of question.
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