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From: Stevens, Charles C (
Date: Wed Apr 22 1998 - 14:29:16 EDT

On 21 April 1998 at 3:35 PM, Jim West responds to Gregory Cooper's

> > As far as I can tell, He must have gone someplace(s) AFTER His
> resurrection.
>When He referred to "this fold" He must have referred to His followers
>Israel proper (as when He wept over Jerusalem).

> Not necessarily. It would certainly surpass the evidence to say that
> he, for instance, visited America.

While there is no direct evidence in the Bible that would so indicate,
there is a
not-insignificant body of believers who accept a document that so
states, namely,
the Book of Mormon. It is thus not 100% accurate to say that "it would
surpass the evidence ...", unless "the evidence" is strictly defined as
being the GNT.

There is evidence out there; the question is thus not whether it exists
but whether one accepts it as evidence and how much historical credence
one is willing to afford it.

    -Chuck Stevens [SMTP:]

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