From: Gustavo Martin (
Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 07:27:51 EDT

Dear Colleagues

This is my first communication with the group. I have a question related
to my PhD thesis that someone may be able to answer or point me in the
right direction. I will, D.V., be submitting the finished product this
summer. The title is
'Transitivity and Foregrounding in the Acts of the Apostles,' essentially a
deployment of Halliday's functional grammar with a focus on the 'who does
what to whom' questions. My supervisor is Stanley Porter here in London
and I am from Madrid, Spain.

Concerning deponent verbs. The context here was my discussion of
anistemi and egeiro with Jesus as subject or object in Acts, and
specifically the deponency of the latter, which makes any theological
interpretations very difficult to prove, especially the matter of whether
its a transitive sense (and 'primitive Christology' according to some) or
not. Basically, Im looking for a good discussion of deponency, beyond what
ive found in Blass and CFD Moule, both of whom refer to the egeiro example.
 Are there any good articles on this?

Thanks in advance for any info on the above. If anyone out there has an
interest in linguistic analysis of Greek narrative, Id love to get into
more detailed discussion with you

Gustavo Martin-Asensio

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