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Gustavo Martin wrote:

> Concerning deponent verbs. The context here was my discussion of
> anistemi and egeiro with Jesus as subject or object in Acts, and
> specifically the deponency of the latter, which makes any theological
> interpretations very difficult to prove, especially the matter of whether
> its a transitive sense (and 'primitive Christology' according to some) or
> not. Basically, Im looking for a good discussion of deponency, beyond what
> ive found in Blass and CFD Moule, both of whom refer to the egeiro example.
> Are there any good articles on this?


A careful discussion of deponency in general and specifically the deponency of
EGEIRW can be found in section 5.3ff (p811ff) of the appendix to the
Analytical GNT (1st ed, 1981) by Timothy and Barbara Friberg. Friberg's
treatment of deponency will probably not appeal to everyone but it is worth

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