From: Eric Weiss (eweiss@gte.net)
Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 - 17:40:57 EDT

I loved Allison Sander's remark about the Hebrew professor, when asked
whether a pastor should learn Greek or Hebrew, responded that it
depended on whether he wanted to get behind the pulpit without his shirt
or without his pants. I may adopt it as a "signature line" at some

A while back someone quoted someone who said "To bury oneself in the
[Greek] lexicon is to be raised with Christ" or some such thing. Can
anyone help with the quote - who said it, and what it exactly is?

"Eric S. Weiss"
- - -
Be skeptical of what you are about to hear when someone who hasn't had
at least a year or two of biblical Greek and/or Hebrew says: "Now, in
the original Greek (or Hebrew) it really says (or means) ...."
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