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Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 15:53:29 EDT

> From: Eric Weiss []

> How would the Loeb Classical Library volumes (Greek on one page, English
> on the other) on the Papyri (3 volumes, I believe) do for this kind of
> extra-NT Koine reading?

For what *I* try to do (the type of reading I described in my earlier post,
which I assume you're responding to), they're fabulously helpful. Keep in
mind that the type of reading of secular Greek I do is not really designed
to "sharpen my chops"--I'm reading conceptually, looking for things that
help me understand how people "commonly" thought/expressed themselves.

If your central aim is improving your Greek reading skills, the English
translations in the Loeb series are too great a temptation (at least for
me.) Better to stumble through without a crutch, then check your
translation later. Dr. Hobbs has some sage advice on this point, I believe.


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