Re: How Long to Learn K. Greek?

From: Daniel Ria–o (
Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 18:24:24 EDT

>List Members, including lurkers and the more verbal types. Here is a question
>that anyone can respond to. In a private exchange with one of our younger
>members I suggested that learning NT Greek takes a while. I gave 10-20 years
>as a sort of rough estimate for the time it takes to become reasonably
>proficient. Rather than try and justify this opinion I thought I would just
>put this question on the list.

        Speaking generally about ancient Greek (for an analytical mind like
that of the 20th century man Koine Greek is more accesible than Classical
Greek), it depends on what you consider "proficient", but in any case
"years" is IMO the right measure of time, except for (if we must believe
everything he said) that marvellous scholar Joseph Scaliger, who tells in
his memories how he learned Greek in just one month with an exemplar of the
Ilias and a proper translation into Latin (the language spoken at home with
daddy Julius Caesar Scaliger). Young Joseph decided to learn ancient Greek
convinced that "those who don't know Greek know nothing at all." After
Scaliger some others have credited themselves with similar achievements.

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