Re: How Long to Learn K. Greek?

From: Steven Cox (
Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 - 11:45:21 EDT

        Hi Daniel
        That was a beautiful elegy to the joys of classical education,
        would that modern world had the time ..I wish I did :-(

        But Aeschylus, or reading an inscription from Crete or Boeotia
        would presumably be equivalent to Tang Dynasty poems, Goethe
        or Cervantes. Is the language of the NT really at that level?
        (in terms of complexity I mean, no value judgement involved)

        NT only has a 5,000 word vocabulary, which is far less than a
        diplomat coming out of 4~6-month crash course would know, and
        for Greek there are books like Van Voorst/Robinson/Trenchard
        to short cut even this. Plus no time spent on aural and oral.

        Mention of which reminds me that my comment about the resources
        available for Greek was a bit uncalled for - I saw it in my
        in box and it seemed rather ungrateful to people like yourself
        compiling mega reference works at least the equal of anything
        in any other language. I just meant to say (which is not how it
        came across) that the materials for b-greek are a bit "different"
        from what one is used to in modern languages, but I was thinking
        of how nice it would be if there was a plain straightforward
        Collins Koine dictionary.

        Best regards

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