Re: How to translate Jam 4.5

From: Francisco Orozco (
Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 07:38:38 EDT

Thanks to all who sent their thoughts and help on this thread. I cannot say
that I finally understood the passage. I am tentatively convinced by D.E.
Hiebert's arguments (see his _James_ pub. by Moody). which is (basically)
that *phtonos* is being used as *zelos* and not in its seemingly purely
negative sense. That *to pneuma* is the Holy Spirit. I am also leaning
toward the reading *katokesen* instead of *katokisen* but that is a matter
for TC and not for B-Greek.

Again, thanks to all for helping me see better the Greek of Jam 4.5,
Francisco Orozco
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