Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 17:50:52 EDT

     Unfortunately most who are against Lordship Salvation
are allowing culture to bias their interpretation of scripture. The idea
that belief in Christ does not include submission is a purely American
theology, more specifically stemming from the ultradispensationalism of
Lewis Sperry Chafer. In an affluent society like America, this theology
is very popular. However, it wouldn't fly for a second in a country where
people are killed for their faith. All lexicons I've looked at certainly
suggest that "pisteuw" implies a willingness to commit. Augustine,
Calvin, and Luther clearly understood this. Unfortunately, many affluent
Americans do not.
     Furthermore, it has yet to be demonstrated that Jesus's teachings on
salvation and discipleship are separate. "Pisteuw" implies that the call
to salvation IS a call to discipleship. We need to let the Greek text
speak for itself. Let's not taint it with the individualism and
self-centeredness of American society.

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