Re: Theos

Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 11:08:01 EDT

Jack Kilmon wrote:
> Larry Ingram wrote:

> > Now my point, just recently there was a brief discussion that "theos" my
> > originally meant "power". Is there any chance this word could have come
> > from this Egyptian god, Theoten?
> No, you misunderstood the narrator. He was talking
> about *the* Aten, not *Theoten.* It is always illuminating,
> however, to place things in etymological context and to
> search for relationships, as you are doing.

Jack ~

The one I have been 'looking' at is the etymological relationship, if
there is one, between the Egyptian Horus and the Greek HORAW.

Any thoughts?

George Blaisdell

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