Re: Acts 3:16, NIV translation

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Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 21:27:15 EDT

At 7:07 PM -0500 5/4/98, Edgar Foster wrote:
>Dear Paul,
>On pages 132-133 of the New American Commentary (the book of Acts),
>John B. Polhill provides a lucid rationale for the NIV rendering of
>Acts 3:16.
>In short, Polhill says that "the Greek is complex and somewhat
>obscure, but the NIV probably renders it as clearly as it can be by
>separating it into two parallel statements."
>As for the question of whose faith healed the man in Acts 3, Polhill
>writes that Luke intentionally left it open. He does say, however,
>that the apostles had faith which antedated the man's healing; the
>restored man was unequivocally filled with faith after the miracle.
>The NA Commentary is published by Broadman Press: Nashville, TN. The
>copyright year on Polhill's commentary is 1992.

Well, that's an interesting note, but I don't find it all that convincing.
I don't think Luke's Greek is at all confusing, but I do think the NIV
version expresses the sense of the Greek adequately. What is perhaps
confusing is that the Greek word-order runs counter to expectations of an

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