co-terminous verbs

From: Rick Strelan (
Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 19:11:53 EDT


Thanks for your comments on the 'saying' co-terminous verbs. As you know, I
am interested in ATENIZEIN in Acts, and find that the same thing happens
with that verb. ATENIZEIN is with just one exception participial (aor or
pres) and followed by either EIPEN or EIDEN (3:4; 6:15; 7:55; 10:4; 11:6;
13:9; 14:9; 23:1). It seems to be a parallel to the APOKRIQEIS ... EIPEN
construction; and it is used that way very commonly in all the lit,
including the non-biblical, non-Jewish writers, altho admittedly, nowhere
near as prominent as it is in the latter.

Rick Strelan

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