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Date: Tue May 05 1998 - 18:46:44 EDT

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>Listening to the comments about interlinears raised a question in my mind
>about how some of us work with a difficult Greek text. What do we do as the
>first step of analysis of a difficult text? Do we not create an interlinear of
>our own, with annotations about lexical semantics and morphology and syntax
>attached to the interlinear. Am I the only one who works this way?

I dunno about how others do it, but when I come across a difficulty I define
the word, parse it, check the grammars and lexicons, search the concordance,
check the commentaries, the versions, and then I ask folks whose opinion I
respect. If I still have no resolution, I ask Edward Hobbs.

>Keep in mind that for a new student, all Greek texts are difficult texts. So,
>while I would advocate the purchase and use of a GNT (without English) fairly
>early, I would not pronounce absolute irrevocable damnation on those who use an

Me neither- just 89,000,000,000 years in purgatory next to "billy bob" who
talks ceaselessly about his 4 wheeler, his wife (who is also his sister) and
their 14 children who live together in the trailer next to the nuclear waste
dump, and his hunting exploits.

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Best to all God's creatures!


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