Re: LXX Judges 4:11 Question

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 18:17:54 EDT

Colleagues, and David Bielby:

Quick! Delete my hasty reply to David's question--it was written at the
same time that I was trying to carry on a phone conversation, and my
brain went into a mixed-up mode. I wouldn't have noticed, except that
David kindly wrote me PRIVATELY (Bless him!) asking what grammar he should
look into.

The question was on ECOMENA in Judges 4:11. I'm now off the phone, and

The hH is feminine, because of DRUS (that part was right!). And ECOMENA
does indeed mean "nearby," "next to," "adjoining." But it isn't any longer
a participle agreeing with anything: It is an adverbial, derived from the
participle (which was indeed neuter plural), which acts like a preposition,
taking the genitive (though in Judges, the noun following is an
indeclinable name).

Sorry to have written such a silly response, with only half an eye on
the text. I'll try not to repeat the folly!

David asks for the grammar to find this in. In fact, it can be found in
Glare's Supplement to the new edition of LSJM, p. 141.

Apologies for the first reponse.

Edward Hobbs

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