Re: LXX Judges 4:11 Question

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 17:40:04 EDT

David Bielby asks:

Anyone know the answer to the form analysis of the last participle in
Judges 4:11 in the LXX?

In my computer software it shows Echomena as Present Middle Particple
Feminine Singular Nominative. The alternate text shows it as
Pres/Mid/Particple Neuter Plural Accusative. My textbook grammatical
rules don't allow for Echomena to be Feminine Singular Nominative, but
the Text Syntax seems to force it.

Any help here?


The problem seems to be in your textbook rules. ECOMENA is certainly
feminine singular nominative (and yes, the form COULD be neuter plural
accusative, but that won't fit here). It is feminine because DRUS is
feminine. In the middle, ECW often means "neighboring," "near,"
"close to."

Re-examine your textbook; if it really says this can't be feminine singular
you should burn the book as quickly as possible, and get a good one.

Edward Hobbs

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