Re: LXX Judges 4:11 Question

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 18:31:03 EDT

David, and Colleagues:

David Bielby asks further (or, really, again):

OK. Thanks for the reply. I have a question. The morphological tags in
Logos show the form echomena as plural neuter accusative in every other
location in the entire LXX. They also show it as neuter plural
accusative in the alternate LXX text for Judges 4:11. However, in the
Text A they show it as Feminine Singular Nominative.

My grammatical rules for feminine endings show that the alpha endings for
nouns of first declension (participles follow that decl in fem) only
switch to alpha for e, i, r or sibilants. Echo therefore would have
straight h endings. That's why I don't understand. Is there another
rule I'm missing?

Now that I'm not on the phone, I think the answer is: Logos was on the
phone (like me!) when they tagged this one.

Edward Hobbs

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