Re: EIMI with Temporal Clauses

Date: Sun May 10 1998 - 12:09:07 EDT

Michael Phillips wrote:
> At 11:03 PM 5/9/98 -0700, you wrote:
> >The world does NOT need another 'translation' of the Bible ~ It needs
> >the BIBLE...
> >
> >How can we help??
> Actually, the world needs multiple, divergent translations of the texts we
> have received

> So, if you wish to help, provide a new translation, with commentary, and
> justify your take.

> ... understanding is something that comes with the text
> as impetus, but not as source, and with the text as the window...

Michael ~

Every word is a window... And the text is Greek... And the heart is
the core...

We only disagree on the value of thousands of translations....

George Blaisdell

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