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Date: Fri May 15 1998 - 22:04:46 EDT

On Sat, 16 May 1998 09:09:24 +0800 Steven Cox
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> Hello Alexander
> Well it probably doesn't mean 'murder' as in
> Aeschylus :-)
> 1Tim would be the same as Diodorus Siculus 1BCE
> the context was?)
> BAGD notes that AUQENTHS (master) became a
> loanword in Rabbinical Hebrew, but doesn't
> note whether female AUQENTRIA also got loaned.
> Cheers
> S.
>At 14:53 98/05/15 EDT, Kyrychenko wrote:
>>Dear B-Greekers,
>>What does AUQENTEIN in 1Tim2.12 mean in the context of the letter?
>>Many thanks,

Ok, I'll bite, since nobody else seems to have the courage, or is it the
better part of wisdom?

Since this is a hapax leg. in the NT, and since M-M seems to think
the use here "comes quite naturally out of the word 'master, autocrat,'"
and since this seems to comport well with the context of I Tim 2, then
my guess is the word in I Tim 2 must be interpreted in line with:
1) her learning in silence with all subjection (v. 11), 2) her being
forbidden by Paul to teach men (v. 12), and 3) the reasons given by
Paul which pertain to the order of creation (which implies the same
kind of authority as found in the God-head, the authority of God the
Father in relation to the God the Son in whose image man (male and
female) was created) and to the order of the fall.

Whew, my wife just called for dinner. Not that she's my boss or
anything, just that I'm starved.

Here come the worms.

Paul Dixon

(v. 13). Boy, how's that for a nice Pauline run-on sentence?

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