RE: grammars: Hewett, Voelz, etc.

From: Mary Pendergraft (
Date: Mon May 18 1998 - 22:52:50 EDT

On Mon, 18 May 1998, Perry L. Stepp wrote:

> A half-informed comment, and a question:
> 1.) I found Machen useful because of the paradigms. But $45 is too much to
> spend for a set of paradigms. (No 20-cent puns, please.)
> 2.) Does anyone have experience with the *Athenaze* set, from Oxford? I
> ran across the two volumes in the Baylor bookstore for cheap (damaged) and
> grabbed them because they looked interesting, but they've sat on my shelf
> ever since.

I have taught from Athenaze, and from its companion, the Oxford Latin
Course. They both have many qualities to recommend them, particularly the
continuous narrative of increasing grammatical complexity. Yes I didn't
find that my classes with them were successful, either because they don't
mesh well with my own style of teaching, or because they presented
language so intuitively that my students wouldn't take it seriously, or
because their pace didn't fit well with our semesters. I miss their

We teach our beginners now, by the way, from Schoder & Horrigan, Greek
through Homer (vel sim.). Because Homerica grammar is much simpler than
later Greek, it goes fast, and we get through nearly a book of the Odyssey
in the first year.


M. L. Pendergraft
Classical Languages
Wake Forest University

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