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Date: Sat May 23 1998 - 17:02:45 EDT

Jim West wrote:
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> >Friends,
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> >The author of the Meyer commentary on 1 Tim cites Jer. 8:10 LXX as a
> >rough parallel to the use of FILARGURIA in 1 Tim 6:10 (NT hapax). But my
> >copy of the LXX (sadly the Brenton translation) lacks anything like this
> >at Jer. 8:10, where the second half of v. 10 and all of v. 11 as in the
> >MT is missing. So I wondering if anyone who has a LXX with a critical
> >apparatus could tell me if there is an LXX manuscript which contains the
> >equivalent of the missing text and, if so, what it reads.
> >
> Rahlfs does not have anything in v. 10 past "klhronomois"- and does not list
> another verse till 13; leaving out 10b-12. Further, it does not even
> contain a note.
> The apparatus to BHS has a note which shows that 10b-12 is absent from the
> LXX- but it also shows that that segment is contained in Theodotian.
> It seems, then, that the possibility exists that the word you are looking
> for is in Theodotian's version- but as I do not have that, I cannot check.

OK then. Does anyone out there have access to Theodotian who will also
supply me with his text of Jer. 8:10?

Jeffrey Gibson

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