Re: FiILARGURIA and Jer. 8:10 LXX

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Date: Sat May 23 1998 - 17:31:52 EDT

Edward Hobbs wrote:

> The LXX of Jeremiah, as you know, is quite divergent from the MT in many
> ways, transpositions being the most notorious among them. There are also
> quite a few omissions, Jer. 8:10b-12 being the first of a list of the "most
> noteworthy" (Swete). A. W. Streane published _Double Text of Jeremiah_
> 102 years ago (I'm sometimes no more up-to-date than that), in which he
> argued that especially in the matter of these omissions, the LXX text
> represents an earlier and better Hebrew original than the MT. He says that
> this LXX-omission / MT-addition is proably constructed by Massoretes from
> 6:12-15.
> Swete's apparatus says that this passage in Greek is found in the margin
> (as a gloss) of Codex Marchalianus (Q), 12th century--obviously a back-
> translation by a careful scholar (like Erasmus with the end of the
> Apocalypse!?). This is one more reason that it is worth owning the
> wonderful old 3+1 volume edition of Swete, and not just Rahlf's.
> (Happily, I have both of them both in my office and in my basement study
> here at home.)
> Now, this helps in no way to explain the comment on 1 Tim 6:10. That
> might be a misprint or typo or the like.

Well, here's the quote (from p. 229): FILARGURIA only here in the N. T.
(Jer. viii. 10, LXX).

Puzzeling, huh?


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