Re: Greek Grammarians and Aspect

Date: Fri May 01 1998 - 12:02:44 EDT

Edward Hobbs wrote:

> Wes Williams, seconded by Rich Lindeman, asks whether there were
> Greek grammarians of Classical and Koine times, and if so, what
> did they say about aspect, time, and tense.

> We know of two major grammarians, both in Hellenistic times.
> Dionysius Thrax was an Alexandrian of the second century BCE.
> Apollonius Dyscolus was also an Alexandrian, of the second century CE.
> We have portions of their work, mostly published over a century ago in
> Leipsig by Teubner, over a century ago.

Robertson, in his Grammar [1914 AD], criticizes Thrax for failing to
appreciate and understand properly the Greek aorist, speculating that
his Latin mind was not adequate for this Greek verb form. What I
would be interested in would be the TERMS that Thrax and Dyscolus used
in their grammatic instruction. Thrax apparently wrote so as to teach
Latins [who wanted to learn it] the Greek language. His terms should
be illuminative, even if his purposive focus is not, because they
would have probably been taken from his Hellenistic Greek mentors. [I

Does anyone HAVE the portions Edward alludes to above? Were they
transalted in parallel into English? Has nobody done a book on them?
Could they be scanned and posted?

A quick Yahoo search turned up the following:

"A commented translation of the 'Techne Grammatike' of Dionysius Thrax
(under the title: 'The Techne
Grammatike of Dionysius Thrax. An English translation with a
historical and linguistic commentary'), is
being prepared." via
-- which
turns out not to have a dns entry...

So it looks like good things are in the works, just not out of the
woods, yet...


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