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Date: Thu Jun 04 1998 - 20:16:06 EDT

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<< "And he was not knowing where it is from." >>

That sounds good to me.

You asked if I was glad if I asked the question. I certianly am. And I
appreciate the help you all give to one who styles himself "The Barbarian." I
know of no other forum where such scholars are so willing to provide so much
help to someone who is so obvisouly a novice. I do not understand wht the
discussion sometimes gets so hot, but I take it that I am missing the
implications of some of the issues. Usually you are all very civil, and that
is to your credit.

I have dropped "The Bararian" from my name. Perhaps prematurely. But I have
made some progress, and I can now pick a passage at random from my New
Testament Text and usually I am able to get some idea of what it is saying
before I go to helps. This is quite exciting to me. It was a struggle to get
to this point. The breakthrough came when I took Mr. Carl's suggestion and
started working through large sections of text until I could read them
throughly. I am now learing to read Greek like my children learned to read

1st. Sound out the words.
2nd. Begin to read with understanding. Then after much reading.
3rd. Learn the technical grammer.

This is quite rewarding, (and it is starting to get habit forming.)

Many thanks.

By the way, I was reading Tennyson the other night and came across some lines
that some of you could relate to. Merlin was reading a book that was
"...Writ in a language that has long gone by...
... but the long sleepless nights of my long life have made it easy to me."

William Boyd (A little bitty GREEK!)
Royal Palm Beach, Fl.

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