Re: From whence it IS?

Date: Fri Jun 05 1998 - 11:03:12 EDT wrote:
> In a message dated 98-06-04 11:38:48 EDT, you write:
> << "And he was not knowing where it is from." >>
> That sounds good to me.

And to me as well, but I am a stickler [in John] on translating the
tenses as they are written. The indirect discourse approach [that
Dale Wheeler so carefully elucidated] that makes this present a
'past', is valid, and should be kept clearly in focus. I don't know
if either matters as far as John's message here is concerned.

> I do not understand why the
> discussion sometimes gets so hot, but I take it that I am missing the
> implications of some of the issues.

Me too... But it should be expected, given the power of belief and
our sad human history of killing each other over differing beliefs,
eh? And it ain't over... Pick up any newspaper.

> Usually you are all very civil, and that
> is to your credit.

And when anyone is not, usually a gentle reminder is all that is
needed. These are good folks on this list, and most are deeply
passionate in their beliefs, so we try to stick to the Greek in hopes
that we can exercise some dispassion!! [Who knows ~ Some of us
actually are learning new things!!]

> Many thanks.
> By the way, I was reading Tennyson the other night and came across some lines
> that some of you could relate to. Merlin was reading a book that was
> "...Writ in a language that has long gone by...
> ... but the long sleepless nights of my long life have made it easy to me."

I wish I could relate to them!! I sleep too good, dern mah luck!

Thanks to you, Friend...

George Blaisdell
Roslyn, WA
Home of 'Northern Exposure'
and 'The Runner Stumbles'

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