Re: Hardening of the Categories

From: Rod Decker (
Date: Sun Jun 07 1998 - 11:05:54 EDT

clayton suggested that:

>I am not suggesting that we create a new system of categories. Far from it. I
>am suggesting that we throw out the system of categories altogether.
>The alternative to this system of categories is a rigorous linguistic
>description the meaning of each case, verb tense, etc. within the K. Greek
>language system. Take the genitive** case as an example. There needs to be a
>separation between the meaning of the genitive case and the multitude of
>functions a genitive substantive may have in context. Confusion between these
>distinct issues is like confusing symbol, sense and referent in lexical
>semantics. We can start by proposing a single-invariant grammatical meaning
>of the genitive case form (contra my previous arguments) while recognizing

It might be helpful to take a look at: Louw, Johannes P. "Linguistic Theory
and the Greek Case System." *Acta Classica* 9 (1966): 73-88. He pursues a
similar approach as to the semantics of the cases.


(My schedule just now precludes extended dialog on some of the topics
raised, esp. re. the perfect and aspect. Sorry.)

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