Re: BHS Received!!

From: Theodore H. Mann (
Date: Tue Jun 09 1998 - 06:04:03 EDT

Hi Ron:

What is BHS? Maybe I should have one.

By the way, I know Nevada City and Grass Valley very well. I was born
and raised in Colfax, and attended Placer High School in Auburn. That
was long before Colfax had its own high school. My mother lived in
Colfax ( for 55 years ) until she passed away last year.

Best in Christ,

Theodore "Ted" H. Mann
Orchard Lake, Michigan

On Mon, 08 Jun 1998 22:42:57 -0700 Ron Rhoades <> writes:
>Hello Jim,
>I received the BHS yesterday. WOW! It's in like new condition! I spent
>over three hours pouring over my notes on the footnotes that I've
>for the last 8 or nine months. How nice that I don't have wait to
>to the city!
>Again thank you very, very much! It will always have a special place
>my library with your name in it.
>I'm also glad that you still are posting to B-Greek. I do appreciate
>your tremendous knowledge when you have given references and
>explanations. Even though we don't always agree, of course. :)
>Your friend,
>Ron Rhoades
>Nevada City, CA
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