Re: BHS Received!!

From: Ron Rhoades (
Date: Tue Jun 09 1998 - 11:32:04 EDT

Carl W. Conrad wrote:
> BUT: although it's easy to push the send key that will distribute private
> messages to the entire list--it's even easier to do that with the new
> software than with that at majordomo, since this automatically sends
> responses to the list, we should avoid continuing as a thread what was
> clearly a private message mis-sent to the list. Thanks for your cooperation.
> Carl W. Conrad

I'm sorry, My apologies to the List and to Jim. I got caught by the new
software. I hit the "Reply to:" button and changed the the Subject line.
It just left Jim's address in the "To" line and nothing in the Cc: as
normal but it must go to the list still. Very dangerous to be lazy!!

Ron Rhoades

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