Re: A different look at John 1:1c

From: Steve Long (
Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 04:19:59 EDT

>Actually the LXX here reflects the grammatical structure of the hebrew,
>right down conjunctions without the definite articles and objects with
>the definite form. I don't see this as being any support for a
>permissible interpretation of a form in a purely greek document. It
>looks like apples and oranges to me.


I guess that's why a little greek is a dangerous thing (and why I asked the
list). I program computers for a living and when I learn a new computer
language I always look for code in the new language that I can borrow to
help learn the new language. Usually when you learn the syntax you can just
substitute objects and functions (nouns and verbs) and the program
accomplishes what you intend.

It looked to me as if John, not being a native greek speaker, may have
reused "code" (as it were) from a familiar source. But see, writing
computer code will totally warp the way you look at the world. Please warn
your children against a career in computers. ;-)


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