Gal. 1:9 accusative of person to whom

Date: Sat Jun 13 1998 - 05:53:08 EDT

Although dative of person was the more usual, Thayer and BAG both
describe this usage with the middle voice of EUAGGELIZW.
Thayer calls it "a constr. unkown to the earlier Grks. (cf. Lob. ad
Phryn. p.268)," but cites several passages from contemporary or later
Hellenistic writers, other than the NT (Eusebius, Justin Martyr,
Alciphron and Heliodorus.)

BAG doesn't make any special comment on the peculiarity of the usage
and cites a longer list of examples from both NT & other writers.
They add Polycarp and the author of the Petruskerygma to the list of
non-NT writers using it.

Several other NT passages are cited by both Thayer and BAG, including
Lk 3:18, Acts 16:10, I Pet. 1:12..
BAG's list is quite long. Happy to send you full quotes fro mboth
dictionaries if you'd like, off-line.

Liddell & Scott might add more insights, but I didn't look up, since
these two seemed to support the construction fully. Will also find &
type L&S for youoff line, if you need & don't have handy.

Diana N. Shaw,

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