Re: accusative in Gal 1.9

Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 16:51:35 EDT

Ian Scott asks:

I'm working on Galatians 1.9 and am confused by what seems to be the use
of the accusative case for the indirect object. The problem clause is
this one:

        ei tis umas euaggelizetai par' o parelabete

Is umas to be considered the direct object of euaggelizetai, or is it an
indirect object (to you). In the latter case I suppose the direct object
would be an implied "Gospel" which serves as the understood antecedent of
the relative pronoun in o parelabete. Or am I just reading this wrong?

Ian W. Scott
Grad student in Religious Studies, McMaster University


The answer is that EUAGGELIZOMAI takes the accusative for the content of
the proclamation, and EITHER dative (as in Gal. 1:8) OR accusative (as in
Gal. 1:9) for the recipient of the proclamation. Dative is more common.
See Bauer, 2.a.gamma.

Edward Hobbs

PS: Your distinguished faculty used to include Ben Meyer (now deceased), Ed
Sanders (now at Duke), and John Robertson (still there?), all old friends--
Ben was a colleague of mine in Berkeley back in the 1960's, Ed went to SMU/
Perkins in 1958 to study with me (just as I left for Berkeley!), and John
was a student of mine at SMU, I seem to recall.

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