From: Maurice A. O'Sullivan (
Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 06:18:19 EDT

A book review in the current edition of the C.B.Q includes the word "tradent".

>From the context in which it appears --and other examples I have come
across-- I realize what the meaning is.

However, I am intrigued to find that the two volume New Shorter Oxford
English Dictionary (1993) does not list this word.

Does anyone know of a dictionary which gives both a definition of this word
and its derivation?

Is it ikely that the immediate origin of the word is German?

BTW, the NSOED is now available on CD-ROM at half the price of the two
bound volumes, and is a _most_ marvellous tool.
I thoroughly recommend it.

Maurice A. O'Sullivan
[ Bray, Ireland ]

Confucius said: "To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study
is dangerous."
Analects 2:15

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