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Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 07:16:47 EDT

At 6:18 AM -0400 6/18/98, Maurice A. O'Sullivan wrote:
>A book review in the current edition of the C.B.Q includes the word "tradent".
>>From the context in which it appears --and other examples I have come
>across-- I realize what the meaning is.
>However, I am intrigued to find that the two volume New Shorter Oxford
>English Dictionary (1993) does not list this word.
>Does anyone know of a dictionary which gives both a definition of this word
>and its derivation?
>Is it ikely that the immediate origin of the word is German?
>BTW, the NSOED is now available on CD-ROM at half the price of the two
>bound volumes, and is a _most_ marvellous tool.
>I thoroughly recommend it.

I rather think it's a technical term used by analysts of tradition; I think
I've seen it in works of redaction criticism, but terms like this don't
normally find themselves into ordinary dictionaries so much as into
glossaries in introductory works to specialized fields; I would think it
might be one of the more serious NT Introduction's glossaries, e.g.

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