Re: 1 Cor 14:27--number agreement

From: David L. Moore (
Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 18:14:59 EDT

At 05:55 PM 6/23/98 -0400, you wrote:
>At 5:37 PM -0400 6/23/98, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>>not LOGOI. I'll respond to the specifics below, but let me say that my
>>basic reason for this is that DUO and TREIS are identical in the nominative
>>and superlative, LOGOUS really ought to be spelled out if it were intended
>>to be understood with DUO H TREIS.
>Did I actually write that? Homer may nod, but Conrad goes into a deep
>slumber when penning responses to B-Greek, it would appear.
>Of course, what SHOULD be read in that clause in the second line cited
>above is: "... that DUO and TREIS are identical in the nominative and
>accusative ..."

        I wondered when I saw that, if it represented a subtle move back toward
the eight-case system :-)

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