Re: Does the NT contain evident that Jesus was worshipped?

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 00:35:59 EDT

This post is *completely* inappropriate for B-Greek. Since this may not be
clear to some newcomers, let me explain:

A word study on PROSKUNEW would be fine, especially if it asked for
people's comments.

A query about whether PROSKUNEW when used with respect to Jesus meant
"worship" would be fine.

But this post is written as a polemic, posted only for the purpose of
convincing others that the writer is correct and that the Jehovah's
Witnesses are wrong. We come from a zillion different persuasions on
B-Greek, and this is *not* the place for confronting one group or another.
This is a place for carefully reflecting on the meaning of the Greek New
Testament or learning how the Greek language works.
If anybody wants to respond to the substantive information regarding the
semantic range of the word PROSKUNEW, feel free. Send all polemics to

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Jonathan Robie

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