Re: Does the NT contain evident that Jesus was worshipped?

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 05:57:48 EDT

This topic is OUT OF ORDER for discussion on B-Greek, clearly violating
guidelines of BG-Netiquette. For one thing this is NOT the place to argue
for or against general interpretations of theological propositions. Most
particularly, however, it is NOT the place to present the case for or
against any particular theological persuasion.

At 3:29 PM -0400 6/22/98, Tony Calman wrote:
>I have been in discussion with two Jehovah's Witness over the last 6
>months. We have meet together 4 times and the discussion is very civil. I
>am meeting with them in 7 days and want to raise the question "Was Jesus
>One of greatest complants with their theology is that I do not think they
>are fair with Scriptures. My aim is therefore to be fair with Scriptures
>but also be loving towards them. I therefore would like to put forward to
>you what I will present, and would appreciate any feedback. Am I being fair
>with the use of PROSKUNEW in the NT? Do you agree with my conclusions?

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