Re:Does the NT contain evident that Jesus was worshipped?

From: Alexander Kyrychenko (
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 06:15:31 EDT

Tony Calman wrote:

<<Therefore, the Bible shows us that:

Humans are not to be the object of PROSKUNEW;
Angels are not to be the object of PROSKUNEW;
Demon or Satan are not to be the object of PROSKUNEW;
Jesus was the object of PROSKUNEW; and
God was the object of PROSKUNEW

Therefore is it right that we PROSKUNEW, that is worship Jesus as the Risen
Lord and Saviour. If the Jehovah's Witness recognise Jesus as "a god", then
the Biblical claims concerning Jesus needs to be rethought. >>

The JWs may argue, whatever the meaning of PROSKUNEW may be, that Jesus
was worshipped as the anointed one (the king), being thus God's
representative without being God, and point for instance to 1 Chron.29:20,
where the Jews worshipped YHWH and the king (David) - both God and the king
are the objects of the same action. So I do not think that Greek helps to
prove/disprove the point made.


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