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Date: Fri Jun 26 1998 - 09:21:37 EDT

At 02:16 PM 6/24/98 -0400, Tom Conry wrote:

>I'm a new (as in "I've had one class session") student of New
>Testament Greek for absolute beginners. I looked at the b-
>greek archives and found some useful information, but I'm
>having a hard time interpreting it. I wonder if some of you
>would mind pointing me in a useful direction.

Welcome to the list!

>1) The first thing I'd like to do is to be able to write NT
>Greek on my computer. I'm using Windows 95 and Word
>for Windows 97 - I'm pretty comfortable with that platform
>and don't want to switch unless it's absolutely necessary.
>I found some references to fonts on the web (although
>these were from 1996 and may be dated) and need to learn
>to get them and install them so WFW97 can use them. But
>is there a dictionary, spell-checker, thesaurus, and grammar
>checker (as I have for Spanish)?

A recent set of fonts that I like quite a bit was developed by the Summer
Institute of Linguistics, and can be found here:

>2) Is there some software that I can use for extra practice?
>It's much easier for me to type than write longhand. Does
>anyone know of some good genuinely useful software?

There are flashcard applets and other stuff for practice at my "Little
Greek 101" site, which is an online tutorial for Greek, starting at the
absolute beginner level. Only the first 7 lessons or so have been finished,
but you can find it here:

>3) I know this must come up often but, with apologies -
>What is the best NT Greek Bible software for scholarly
>work. I come out of a Roman Catholic background and
>am used to using the NRSV and NAB in my own work.
>I'm primarily interested in this as a scholarly tool, not
>as an aid to my personal spirituality. Can someone
>offer some suggestions.
This depends a lot on the kind of scholarly work you intend to do. If you
want to do linguistic research into New Testament Greek, the best tool on
the Windows platform, IMHO, is Gramcord for Windows, though it doesn't have
great cosmetics. Accordance is much better than Gramcord for Windows, and
much prettier, but on the Mac platform. Either may be ordered from the
Gramcord Institute:

You may also want to see my list of resources and hints for learning New
Testament Greek, which may be found here:

Hope this helps. Sorry this took so long!

Texcel Research

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