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From: Tom Conry (
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 14:16:40 EDT

I'm a new (as in "I've had one class session") student of New
Testament Greek for absolute beginners. I looked at the b-
greek archives and found some useful information, but I'm
having a hard time interpreting it. I wonder if some of you
would mind pointing me in a useful direction.

1) The first thing I'd like to do is to be able to write NT
Greek on my computer. I'm using Windows 95 and Word
for Windows 97 - I'm pretty comfortable with that platform
and don't want to switch unless it's absolutely necessary.
I found some references to fonts on the web (although
these were from 1996 and may be dated) and need to learn
to get them and install them so WFW97 can use them. But
is there a dictionary, spell-checker, thesaurus, and grammar
checker (as I have for Spanish)?

2) Is there some software that I can use for extra practice?
It's much easier for me to type than write longhand. Does
anyone know of some good genuinely useful software?

3) I know this must come up often but, with apologies -
What is the best NT Greek Bible software for scholarly
work. I come out of a Roman Catholic background and
am used to using the NRSV and NAB in my own work.
I'm primarily interested in this as a scholarly tool, not
as an aid to my personal spirituality. Can someone
offer some suggestions.

Thanks for any help than can be offered, and my
apologies if this is ground that has been covered

Tom Conry

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