Re: Harmonization of Gospels

Date: Fri Jun 26 1998 - 23:11:01 EDT

>>Can anyone direct me to an harmonization of the gospels that integrates
all four documents into one single narrative (as opposed to four columns
laid side-by-side)?<<

The Life and Times Historical Reference Bible
A Chronological Journey Through the Bible, Culture, and History
Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1997
Avaliable from CBD.

This new Study Bible is a bold attempt to put every verse as found in the New
King James Version in Chronological Order. The attempt is to place the Bible
stories and writings in their historical/cultural context. There are on
nearly every page historical/cultural notes. I am up to the The Persian
Empire and I am facinated with the study. I haven't gotten to the gospels
yet, but it looks like they do what you ask.

"Jesus, His Story" by Robert Shank also does this for the gospels. This is
avaliable from the Gospel Advocate Company in Nashville, Tennessee. I do not
have their 800 number handy, but I am sure information does.

Getting the prespective of each individual writer is obviously the superior
approach for these books, as also it is for reading the Kings, Psalms and
Prophets, or Acts and the Epistles. But reading them together is an
interesting study all it's own. It is not their differences, but their
harmony that is so impressive. They fit together like contenents across the
Atlantic. And it gives me a better sense of timing.

William Boyd
(If you want the GA # I will provide it off line.)

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