Re: Harmonization of Gospels

From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Sat Jun 27 1998 - 01:04:37 EDT

What you want is THE LIFE OF CHRIST IN STEREO by Johnston H. Cheney. I think it may be out under a
different title these days.

"THE LIFE OF CHRIST IN STEREO is a meticulous combination of the four Gospels which seeks to bring into
stereoscopic relief the four dimensional portrayal of Christ and His ministry. It presents a composite
portrait of the One Who is the Central Personality of history, tracing the events of His ministry in
chronological order, without omission of the smallest detail. ... This harmony is in reality another "Life
of Christ," distinctive in that it utilizes all the details of the inspired records and only materials of
the inspired records." (from the PREFACE TO THE REVISED EDITION)

The author's/translator's inclusion of all details results in some strange - or should I say "interesting"
- features. For example, it has Peter denying the Lord 6 times - three times before the cock crowed at all,
as well as three times before the cock crowed twice.

- Eric Weiss

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