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Date: Mon Jun 29 1998 - 07:17:43 EDT

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>Are these verbs in the imperative mood or indicative? KAQEUDETE according to
>the Analytical Lexicon is either indicative or imperative, but ANAPAUESQE it
>only says imperative.
>Tauber's morphs say:
>021441 ! v- 2pai-p-- vipa--2pvmpa--2p ! *kaqeu/dete kaqeudete kaqeu/dete !
>021441 ! v- 2pmi-p-- vipm--2pvmpm--2p ! a)napau/esqe; anapauesqe; a)napau/esqe
>! a)napau/w
>Could someone decode this, please? If I understand correctly, imperative is
>represented by "m." Do I have this right?
>If these verbs are imperative, is Jesus being sarcastic?

I guess what you're showing in the transliteration is beta code. What
Tauber's morphs is saying is that BOTH verbs are imperative (The "a" with
KAQEUDETE is for "active," the "m" with ANAPAUESQE is for "middle").

It is indeed true that both forms COULD be either indicative or imperative.
I think the presumption here is that they are imperative.

Are they sarcastic? Given the context (in 14:34 he has said to the three,
MEINATE KAI GRHGOREITE, and then there's the sequel in 14:37-38), and given
also the recurrent theme in Mark's gospel of the obtuseness of the
disciples to Jesus' teaching and admonitions, I think these verbs are
indeed sarcastic.

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